Peninsula Beverly Hills Celebrates Silver Anniversary

Twenty-five years in luxury is a long time. In an industry where one’s reputation must be earned by proving exclusivity, quality and exceptional service time and again, many starting players drop out early. Celebrating a 25-year milestone, therefore, is something to be immensely proud of—we know we at EmpireCLS were when we hit our silver anniversary. This year, it’s the turn of the Peninsula Beverly Hills to mark this very special occasion. The hotel is celebrating their 25 years with an appropriately lavish parade of commemorative gifts, unveiled restorations and lots (and lots) of Champagne.

The most important purpose of the hotel’s celebration is to thank the guests who have returned throughout the years, spread the word and earned the hotel its reputation for outstanding luxury. According to American wedding tradition, gifts exchanged on a couple’s 25th anniversary should be made of silver. Accordingly, the Peninsula Beverly Hills is giving back to their guests with a strong silver theme. During this celebratory year, guests can stay in the Silver Suite, a 1,500-square foot penthouse decorated in shades of gray and paneled with mirror walls. The hotel is also offering a specialty cocktail for guests’ enjoyment: The Silver Mule, a kicky concoction made with green chili vodka, lime and ginger beer. And silver can be found adorning the rims of tea service pieces that the Peninsula will sell to guests throughout its jubilee year. Based on the China tea service used during the hotels’ traditional Afternoon Tea, this special set is the first of its kind that the hotel has ever made available to guests.

Not all of the hotel’s gifts this year are strictly silver, but that doesn’t make them any less luxurious. On Mondays in August (the hotel’s birth month), the Peninsula’s time-honored Afternoon Tea in the Living Room gets a celebratory twist with endless Champagne service, during which guests can drink bubbly to their heart’s content. More Champagne can be found at the hotel’s spa this month: On the 25th each month, spa guests will be treated to surprises like a flute of bubbly, beauty products and complimentary services. And all varieties of sumptuous food and wine will feature freely on the renovated Belvedere Terrace, where the hotel’s famed Belvedere Restaurant is located.

EmpireCLS congratulates the Peninsula Beverly Hills on 25 years of luxury, and wishes the hotel 25 more. Learn more about our luxury hotel partners at http://www.empirecls.com/partners.