Only the Most Committed and Trustworthy Applicants Get to Call Themselves EmpireCLS Chauffeurs

Ongoing Evaluation

  • Extensive Federal, State, and DMV background checks
  • Drug & alcohol zero tolerance policy
  • Psychometrics Exam to assess each candidates personality
  • Recurring service training

Perfecting The Art of ChauffeuringThe Same Hospitality Training as Five Star Hotels

  • Daily vehicle preparation and preventative maintenance
  • Logistical planning ensures on-site arrival 15 minutes prior to pickup
  • WiFi, bottled water and cell phone chargers available for all guests
  • Etiquette and service standards for providing personalized service
  • Safe and defensive driving training

Safety & Security For Every Situation

Need a Ride To The Emmys? Or How About a Dignitary Motorcade Abroad? We Have Both Covered.
  • Dedicated detail chauffeurs trained in defensive driving and evasive maneuvers
  • TransBrief reports, detailing and verifying vehicle and driver information
  • Security trained chauffeurs and executive protection specialists to minimize risks and enhance discretion
  • Armored vehicles with optional security features such as run-flat tires, ballistics glass, armor plating, and enhanced suspension
  • Preplanning and advanced risk assessment with private security teams and/or law enforcement

The EmpireCLS Lifestyle

Every detail of your experience is personalized before you even step into one of our vehicles.

GPS integration allows seamless tracking, reservation, and billing processes

Chauffeurs receive real-time updates through smartphones. Itinerary change? We react immediately

Secure WiFi hotspot in every vehicle through our corporate-owned locations

Onboard DriveCam and Silent Passenger for quality control and passenger safety

SMS and Email notifications to notify guests of chauffeur’s on-location status and contact information

Each vehicle in our late-model, luxury fleet is meticulously maintained and pulled from service after 24 months

Military-grade encryption and firewalls for our customers’ personal and financial information

Partnerships with leaders in the hospitality, airline & private aviation industries

Our Global Affiliate Network extends your memorable chauffeured experience worldwide

Airport Concierge Service provides white-glove, expedited escort through security, boarding (additional charges apply)

Dedicated Teams

Our obsession for great service runs deep.

Global Reservations

Complete all reservations via phone/e-mail/internet for first time or existing private customers or corporate accounts, no matter how intricate the trip or how far the destination.

Premium Services

Preferred corporate and entertainment accounts and our specialty services, including airport concierge service and high-level security detail solutions.


Dedicated transportation provider for 20+ 5-star hotel properties nationwide. Used by hotel concierge via dedication phone number and e-mail address.

Meetings and Events

Our specialized team provides exceptional service for events of any size, from company retreats and special events to movie premieres and award shows (Grammy, Oscars, etc.)


Dedicated transportation provider for our strategic airline partners, including Etihad and NetJets.