A Luxury Automaker Embraces Its Past

Lately, we’ve been focusing a lot on the future of luxury in everything from Boston airport limo service to classic European couture houses. Namely, we’ve taken note of the transition from an old-fashioned definition to a contemporary one. Old-world luxury is, primarily, characterized by a display of wealth: It means opulent materials, brand names with prestigious histories, and exclusivity. New-world luxury, on the other hand, is defined by its focus not on exclusivity per se, but rather its ability to hone in on customers’ desires for novel, authentic experiences and deliver them in thrilling and innovative ways. This week, our attention has been drawn to a classic brand that is dipping back into the past for a contemporary refresh of its brand image.

Jaguar Land Rover hardly needs an introduction. The auto company is responsible for the stewardship of two iconic marques of the vehicle world, and its Heritage division specifically deals with providing cars, services, and parts to owners of classic Jaguar and Land Rover models. This year, Jaguar Land Rover Heritage will be rebranded as Jaguar Land Rover Classic.

The rebranded division will continue to offer the same parts at services as before, with the additional capability to fully restore classic vehicles and provide repair and maintenance services on classic models. Restorations and repairs will take place at Jaguar Land Rover’s two classic workshops in the UK. The Classic division will also operate as a global supplier of more than 30,000 genuine parts for classic, out-of-production models. It will also be responsible for preserving the lineage of the Land Rover Defender model, which is ceasing production after 68 years. The company’s online Defender Journeys hub and Heritage Restoration Program will keep the legacy of this classic vehicle alive.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic, with its focus on midcentury auto design, embodies old luxury on the surface. However, the spirit of this rebrand is nothing but contemporary. Classic fits neatly into the new luxury because it is focused on providing customers with customized luxury experience, tailored to their lifestyles. Nowhere is this more apparent in customers’ opportunity to participate in the Classic Drives program with Jaguar Land Rover, including the Jaguar Classic Challenge, a racing series for Jaguar models build prior to 1966.

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Photo: flickr