Pirch Showcases the Possibilities of Elevated Living

If you’re in the market for a faucet that looks like fine art or a German-engineered dishwasher, look no further than Pirch, a retail chain that sells luxury kitchen, home and bath appliances. Pirch recently opened its ninth location in Manhattan, NYC (the perfect limo trip stop during your next visit).

The store arranges appliances into “vignettes” that serve as suggestions for real-life functional environments. And we do mean functional—everything in Pirch works, so that customers can see for themselves how that $19,000 faucet or $60,000 oven might function in their home. This fits neatly with Pirch’s mission, which is to help customers envision possibilities for their home that may have been previously unimaginable.

Appliances like works of art—Remember the $19,000 faucet? There’s a reason for the price tag. Pirch sells DXV’s 3-D printed faucets, which put ordinary chrome faucets to shame. DXV’s faucets are sculptural marvels—one is a bundle of separate arcs that create a single stream of water, while another is a cleverly twisted, hollow faucet that makes it look as through water is magically appearing.

Cooking classes—The appliances in Pirch are truly beautiful—enough to be tempting. One look at the circular, cast-iron griddle by Evo and it’s hard to not fantasize about cooking a perfect pancake breakfast on top of it. At Pirch, you can do exactly that. The store hosts daily cooking classes during which customers can test-drive kitchen appliances.

Forward-thinking appliances and throwbacks—At Pirch, you’ll find some of the most advanced appliances to grace any kitchen. For example, Dacor’s Discovery Wine Station preserves fine vintages for up to 90 days, and a German engineered dishwasher by Miele seems to magically open to whoever knocks twice. As forward-thinking as these appliances are, Pirch also stocks items with vintage appeal, like a stainless steel-accented La Cornue oven painted in a warm shade of pink.

Ferrari levels of luxury—What do a sports car and a kitchen appliance have in common? In the case of the Bertazzoni Azzuro range available at Pirch, it’s the paint job. The bright blue hue of this range comes from none other than the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy.

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Photo: Tech Insider