EmpireCLS Awarded “Supplier of the Year” by NetJets

As a brand, we’re well-known as a global car service spanning from Las Vegas to Moscow and everywhere in between. Part of what distinguishes us is our unparalleled capacity for partnering with other high-end brands (like our five-star hotel partners, about whom we’ve written extensively) that are dedicated to providing their customers with luxury travel and hospitality services. Few other ground transportation providers can lay claim to the number of solidly-established partnerships that we have with hospitality provider brands as well as business travel organizers.

Recently, we were recognized by one of our travel provider partners, NetJets, as “Supplier of the Year.” You’ve likely heard of NetJets – they’re easily the biggest private aviation brand in the nation, thanks to their innovative model of fractional ownership. NetJets clients don’t just pay NetJets for services delivered – they actually opt in on partial ownership of the private jet aircraft in which they travel. This model affords NetJets members all the advantages of having a private aircraft, but at a fraction of the cost. Members can also exchange prepaid jet cards for air travel whenever they’re in need of it. At the moment, NetJets runs a fleet of over 700 aircraft, capable of taking members further than any other private jet travel provider.

NetJets’ business model is one reason that they’ve become a leading aviation brand, but they couldn’t have accomplished that status without an accompanying dedication to giving members a superior air transportation experience. Experienced pilots, strict safety standards, a global reach and impeccable hospitality are all part of NetJets’ service philosophy. The brand also carefully selects its suppliers – whether a ground transportation service like EmpireCLS, a catering service or other vendor – according to a litany of gold-standard criteria. To be recognized by NetJets as Supplier of the Year, then, is an exceptional recognition.

Whether you need a ride to your private flight to a secluded island or limo service from the Las Vegas airport, trust that EmpireCLS’ signature combination of five-star fleet, high safety standards and white-glove service will make your arrival an exceptional one. Visit http://www.empirecls.com/partners to learn more about NetJets and the other brands with whom we proudly partner.
Photo: flickr