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How LaGuardia’s Redevelopment Project Affects Your Ground Transportation

LaGuardia Airport is one of the busiest commercial airports in the US, serving millions of passengers each year. Recently, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey determined that the hub’s Central Terminal Building, which was most recently renovated in the 1990s, could no longer accommodate the flow of traffic, suffering from spatial constraints for both aircraft on the runways and pedestrians within the terminal.

LaGuardia Redevelopment Program

With the intent of meeting current demands as well as accommodating for the future, the Port Authority decided to undertake an extensive redevelopment plan for LaGuardia to provide a better experience for travelers. The project includes demolishing the current Central Terminal Building and constructing a new one in its place, as well as a new aeronautical ramp and other improvements throughout the hub.

Effects on Travelers Using For-Hire Vehicle Transportation

While the project will ultimately improve operations at the airport, in the meantime, certain areas will be closed, causing headaches for travelers. One of the primary issues right now concerns Terminal B. For-hire vehicles that would normally pick up passengers at Terminal B, which serves as the gateway for those flying American, JetBlue and Southwest, are no longer allowed to wait directly at the terminal. Instead, they must wait in lot 10, and then wait for a dispatch to allow them to come to the newly designated pick-up area, which is labeled “Car Services, App-Based Rides & Black Car Pick-Up Area.”

For travelers, this means that they must take a 10-minute shuttle ride to the car pick-up area and then wait for their chauffeur service to arrive at the designated location. If you have a meeting scheduled following your arrival in New York, you may want to consider booking an earlier flight to accommodate for this additional procedure.

How EmpireCLS Is Prepared

EmpireCLS always has contingency measures in place for unexpected issues such as the changes at LaGuardia Airport. All of our drivers been apprised of the new procedures that are in place at the airport and will appropriately allot extra time as needed to ensure that they arrive early. We will also send out a communication to all of our customers to keep them informed of the situation and to advise them of this new limo service pick-up procedure, allowing them to plan the details of their trip accurately.

To learn more about how EmpireCLS is staying ahead of the game in LaGuardia airport and at hundreds of other airports worldwide, visit http://www.empirecls.com.

How to Address the Concerns of Female Travelers

Today, women are key players in the business travel industry: Not only do they make up nearly one-fourth of business travelers, but they also make approximately 80% of travel decisions. With these facts in mind, it is imperative to consider the female perspective on safety while traveling to provide exemplary service to all clients.

Why Safety is Paramount

Most travelers will feel somewhat uneasy the first time they travel to a new location, but women may have additional concerns compared to their male counterparts. From a young age, women are trained to be vigilant of their surroundings when traveling alone, clutching handbags close and carrying keys in hand to ward off potential attackers. By understanding our client’s travel anxieties, we are able to put measures in place to give them a greater feeling of security.

How We Put Our Clients at Ease

EmpireCLS is aware of the needs of both their male and female travelers, allowing them to assuage the fears of all their passengers. We offer the following advanced safety measures:

Over the years we have continued to implement state-of-the-art security measures to give all of our guests the peace of mind they deserve during their travels. Book your next limousine service with us and experience the difference that personalized service makes.