How to avoid the dangers of driving during Halloween

It’s almost that time of year when the ghouls come out to play and spine-chilling specters fill your neighborhood. Yes, Halloween is here and it’s time to dust off your creepiest costumes and get ready for a night of freakishly frightening frivolity!

Although Halloween should be about having fun, you also need to be aware of the safety risks around driving during the festivities, especially where kids are involved. Here are some of the dangers to watch out for – and how you can avoid them.


Plan ahead

The roads will be busy with cars and pedestrians on Halloween. If you are heading out to a party or other event, make sure you know exactly where you are going and plan in enough time to get yourself there. You don’t want to be dealing with last-minute panic that causes you to rush. You’ll only be putting yourself and others in danger if you are speeding along the road to reach your destination in time. Likewise, if you are unsure of where you are going you could become distracted by messing with your GPS while you’re on the move, or looking out for turns and street signs when you need to pay attention to what’s happening on the road and sidewalks. Having a clear idea of your route and planning enough time to get yourself there will help keep you and other road users safe.


Don’t take the risk

If you are attending a Halloween party, don’t assume you can have a couple of drinks and drive back with no issues – 52% of motor vehicle deaths on Halloween involve alcohol. You never know how alcohol will affect you from one day to another. It can depend on your level of tiredness, how much you’ve eaten, whether you’re taking any medications, and many more contributing factors. Also, if you’re at a party where the host is serving Halloween-themed punch or cocktails, you won’t always know how much alcohol you’re consuming. Chances are the measures may be more generous than your standard serving at a bar! So even if you think you’ve only had one, it may be more like three or four. Just don’t take the risk of driving. Walk, catch a lift with a friend who is not drinking, or use a car service to make sure you get home safe.


Be aware of more pedestrians

Keep in mind that there will be far more people out and about on the streets. Whether they’re trick or treating or walking home from a party, be extra vigilant. Kids will likely be excited and less aware of potential road hazards, and adults may have had a few alcoholic beverages that cause fewer concerns for their own safety! Also, be aware of the potential perils of people wearing dark costumes. While they may feel perfectly visible, their full-on black witches hat and gown combination may make them almost impossible to see on a dimly-lit side street. Drive slowly and be extra cautious especially in residential neighborhoods where street lighting is limited to give yourself time to react.


Alert kids to the potential dangers

Shockingly, statistics show that children are twice as likely to be killed in traffic accidents on Halloween, so make sure they are alert to traffic safety. If your kids are going to a Halloween party or trick or treating with friends, make sure you know how they are getting there and back before the event itself. If they will be walking at any stage, talk to them about the potential risks. You should also make sure they have a flashlight and some form of reflective tape on their costume to make them more visible to drivers.


Be mindful of costume ‘distractions’!

If you’re the designated driver for Halloween, chances are you will be dealing with a car full of hair-raising costumes that can be a potential distraction. Large, bulky costumes may reduce visibility levels so be cautious and give yourself extra time at intersections or when merging onto roadways. Be aware of any costumes that make sound or emit light as this can also divert your attention from driving! If you have a large group or particularly elaborate costumes then hiring a car service may be a better idea. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting distracted or fitting everyone in your own vehicle.


Be cautious of other drivers

Just because you haven’t had a drink doesn’t mean that others will have done the same. You can control your own driving choices, but the sad fact is that there will be others who haven’t exercised the same caution. Just be aware of any vehicle that looks like it may be being driven by someone over the legal limit. If the driver is constantly swerving or driving erratically then avoid them as best you can and report it to the authorities. Likewise, if you are aware of someone that has been drinking and is planning to drive home, don’t let them do it. It is not just themselves they may harm. Make sure they make alternative arrangements to get back safely without putting other road users in harm’s way.


Avoid the dangers with a dedicated car service

To completely avoid the hassle, simply book a car service with EmpireCLS. Our dedicated, professional chauffeurs will make sure you get to and from your Halloween festivities safely.

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