5 Reasons Why We Go Where Others Can’t

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We never understood why other chauffeured transportation companies put limits on their levels of service. When EmpireCLS introduces a service like our airport concierge program, or adds the latest vehicle to our fleet, we don’t sit back and feel satisfied: we immediately think of more ways to make your chauffeured experience as safe and luxurious as possible.

Here are five reasons how EmpireCLS’s fleet of luxury vehicles takes you to levels of luxury that other transportation companies simply cannot.

1. Fewer Vehicles Out of Commission

What would you think of a five-star hotel that couldn’t accommodate you—not because of availability, but because 15% of its rooms were in disrepair? On average, other ground transportation companies have anywhere from 10 – 15% of their fleet out of commission for various reasons. And that’s just unacceptable.

At EmpireCLS, we work tirelessly to make sure no more than 3 – 5% of our fleet in our corporate-owned markets is out of service at any time. And what’s going on with those vehicles? We’re rotating them through our strict schedule of vehicle repairs and servicing so we can continue to provide more vehicles on the road for our guests.

2. Full-Service Detail and Body Shop

EmpireCLS wants your experiences with us to be nothing less than luxurious. That’s why we run our own full-service detail and body shop centers to ensure our white-glove standards of perfection for every vehicle. Few other ground transportation companies can claim this level of service.

Whether you arrive at your destination in a Cadillac XTS, Rolls Royce Ghost or a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, you’ll get there in a vehicle that has been scrupulously buffed, waxed and washed, and is free of scratches, dents and exterior damage. Our service professionals know anything less than a meticulous attention to detail is unacceptable.

3. Vehicle Inspection

We hope that you’ve never experienced a service issue on the road while traveling with a ground transportation company. But if you have, we know that it must have been an infuriating experience and could mean losing your business.

EmpireCLS, takes precautions to prevent interruptions for chauffeurs and guests on the road. Regularly scheduled, 60-plus point inspections at our in-house, ASE-certified maintenance centers mean those potential issues don’t get the chance to disrupt your arrival.

4. Unparalleled Dedication to Safety

EmpireCLS provides superior security detail service when you need it, but our dedication to safety starts with the vehicle. We care deeply about our guests’ safety, which is why our fleet of luxury vehicles includes only those models with the highest safety ratings, from those manufacturers that understand both luxury and safety. On average, vehicles like the Cadillac XTS sedan and Cadillac Escalade SUV hold 5-star safety ratings. And our strict schedule of regular maintenance and inspection ensures further safety.

Style and peace of mind in a single luxury package: you’ll find it only at EmpireCLS.

5. New Vehicles

Some ground transportation companies may claim to have a fleet of late-model luxury vehicles, but when you’re picked up in a 2005 Lincoln Town Car with cracked leather seats, noticeable interior wear and tear, and a thick air freshener scent to mask years of use, it’s a sign that “luxury” isn’t in their vocabulary. At EmpireCLS, we flip our vehicles every 24 months, no matter how pristine their condition may be. Not only does a newer vehicle enhance the luxuriousness of your travel experience—and really, who doesn’t love that new car smell, it also guarantees fewer mechanical issues that other transportation providers usually encounter with high-mileage vehicles.

Where would you like to go next? With EmpireCLS, you’ll get there on time and in style. Talk to one of our reservation specialists today to plan your upcoming itinerary.

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