5 Tips for Ensuring Successful Corporate Events

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Whether it’s a learning seminar, conference, team building outing or incentive program, corporate events create an opportunity for companies to grow. It can boost company culture, unite employees around organizational goals and create stronger team morale. Putting one together, however, is no easy task.


From coordinating suppliers and tracking budgets to managing agendas and handling attendees, there are so many elements that go into holding a corporate event. And when done right, the results of a corporate event can make a significant impact on how an organization progresses into the future. So, to help companies get the most out of these important occasions, we put together a list of five things that can be done to ensure that a corporate event is successful.


Allow Plenty of Time for Planning

Because there are so many things to handle for a corporate event, it’s important to have a good amount of time to plan it. Things like securing a venue or booking a speaker should be done as far in advance as possible. In fact, some venues book as far as a year in advance and some highly sought-after speakers are typically booked six months in advance. Additionally, if you’re planning on holding your event in another city, state or country, the rule of thumb for reserving room blocks is typically 3-8 months ahead of your event. To make the planning process more efficient, organizations can consider forming an event planning team.


Make a List of All the Equipment You’ll Need

Before nailing down a venue, make a note of every piece of equipment that you’ll need for your event. Unless it’s strictly a networking gathering or executive get-together, corporate events typically require some kind of audio and visual component. If you’re planning on having speakers, you may want them to present their material on a stage with a podium. Be sure you have a clear understanding of what you need for your event so that you can reserve a venue that meets all of your requirements.


Schedule Your Event Wisely

If you’re holding a larger event, like a conference, check to see if other events will be slated to take place in the area around the same time as your proposed event date. Having another event happening during your event will make the area busier than normal, which may risk things like your attendees being late due to traffic. In addition, you may also risk finding suitable accommodation for your attendees. Schedule your event either a little earlier or later than any other event set to happen in the area to avoid cumbersome mishaps like these.


Make Networking a Priority

The most successful corporate events make networking and mingling a major priority. Try to create spaces where guests can chat without having to yell over blaring music or sit at a crowded bar. Consider setting up intimate areas with intimate seating or standing arrangements to give your attendees the ability to comfortably talk. If the weather permits, you can even design a small, café-style outdoor area with a few high-top tables and chairs that can double as a place to get fresh air and continue a conversation.


Let Professionals Manage Your Transportation

When it comes to an event, organizing transportation can be the most daunting and frustrating task that you’ll undertake. Creating your itinerary, figuring out what vehicles will suit the number of passengers you have to accommodate and ensuring your drivers arrive at each destination on-time the day of your event are all things that you would need to manage. You can make this whole process completely stress-free by hiring an experienced chauffeured transportation service provider that focuses on special events, executive transportation, corporate events, coach bus rental, charter bus rental, charter bus NYC or motorcoach rental.


At EmpireCLS, we’re seasoned specialists at helping companies create seamless and reliable transportation programs for a variety of events, from board meetings to large conferences. Our expertly crafted charter bus rental, coach bus rental and motorcoach rental solutions minimize cost and maximize peace of mind. From detailed logistics to passenger manifests and updates, event walkthroughs and on-site management, our seasoned meetings and events team takes the stress off companies’ shoulders, giving them time to focus on more important things.


By working with EmpireCLS for corporate events, organizations will have:

  • A dedicated events manager as their singular contact for booking trips, as welling as making changes or cancellations to their program
  • Strategically selected vehicles to match the needs of their event
  • Logistically planned options to fit their budget
  • A team of expert events managers experienced in handling the many contingencies that accompany even the most carefully executed event
  • On-site support, from walkthroughs to meeting and receiving vehicles to anticipating everything in between
  • Centralized billing and one simple invoice, customized based on their specific needs


Plus, if you’re welcoming out-of-town guests or holding your event in another city, state or country, EmpireCLS’ Airport Greeting service offers a completely stress-free travel experience. Through this special program, we offer expedited transit, and other benefits, that eliminate the unnecessary hassle of travel through over 450 airports and destinations around the world.


In addition to chauffeur service to and from the airport, with EmpireCLS’ Airport Greetings, your guests will experience:

  • Greeter assistance throughout the departure process, from check-in until your plane leaves the gate
  • Private check-in and priority boarding for departing flights
  • A fast-tracked process for passport control and customs clearance, where applicable
  • Carry-on luggage assistance for departing flights and connecting flights
  • Speedy cart service ushering you through terminals to your gate or to baggage claim
  • Connections assistance, in which a Greeter will meet you as you exit the skyway and help you with making your next flight
  • Curbside pick-up and Greeter assistance throughout your arrival, from the plane to your chauffeur
  • Porter service for assistance with getting luggage to check-in or from baggage claim to your vehicle


Curious to learn more about our corporate transportation, events transportation, charter bus rental, charter bus NYC, coach bus rental, motorcoach rental and executive transportation services? Click here for more details or get in touch with one of our specialists.


Whatever type of corporate event you’re holding, EmpireCLS can be there with you every step of the way to ensure that your entire program runs seamlessly and successfully.

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