A-List Service Every Chauffeur Should Offer

A-List Service Every Chauffeur Should Offer

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The thought of limousines and chauffeurs often brings to mind thoughts of camera flashes and couture, as celebrities enter and exit vehicles on red carpets. Viewers are certain these celebrities get the very best service possible, with additional safety and security on top of the concierge-style attention the chauffeur gives. The thought of receiving that same service for a simple ride to the airport or for business meetings simply seems out of reach, but the truth is, everyone deserves celebrity car service. If you’re not getting that same service and attention, you may want to rethink your ground transportation.

What service should every chauffeur offer? Here’s a starting list.


Attention to Detail

When you reserve limousine service in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or any other city in the world, there are certain standards you should expect. These standards should be available to any and all who step inside a chauffeured vehicle, regardless of fame or status. That same attention to detail that comes as an expected part of celebrity car service should be available to any passenger. That means your chauffeur will be on time, every time. Your trip will always be as peaceful or as playful as you choose, with music selections or silence. If you’re collecting several people, the addresses will be memorized, traffic patterns studied, and the passengers picked up without additional information or input needed. In fact, you won’t need to concern yourself with anything except which seat inside the vehicle to choose.

Safety and Security

Even if you’re not a celebrity, you deserve the same privacy. When your chauffeur collects you for a meeting, a dinner, a party, or simply a ride from the airport, no one else needs to know where you are. Truly excellent chauffeurs are trained to keep passenger whereabouts a secret. In fact, many chauffeurs are also trained security professionals, ex-police, former firefighters, and retired military. That means, in addition to discretion, you also get excellent security.

Concierge-Style Assistance

When you work with a world-class limousine service, you can also expect special attention from the chauffeur and the limousine company as a whole. This means you never need to worry about the dress that needs dry cleaned before the big gala, the printer that just ran out of paper before the big presentation, or the dead battery on your laptop. Great chauffeurs will go out of their way for any and all passengers by offering concierge services. Your dress will be delivered fresh and pressed, your paper for the printer waiting when you need it, and your laptop charger already plugged in and charging your computer. These are simply the services available to everyone and not just those seeking celebrity car service.

Consistent Service

Your chauffeur will always greet you by name when you work with an excellent service. You may wonder if he or she keeps a log of pertinent information and studies before picking you up. This may be the case, but the real fact is that your chauffeur—and your car service—will care enough about you to learn what they can. This information will be gathered over time to tailor your car service to your exact specifications. Instead of an invasion of privacy, you’ll understand with each tiny detail that it’s simply because your limousine service cares. If that sounds like something that’s only available with celebrity car service, think again.

As you can see, celebrity car service really is available to everyone, whether you starred in the latest blockbuster or simply need reliable transportation to a business event. You should never have to settle for anything less.


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