It’s Our Serve: EmpireCLS to Provide Luxury Transportation to the US Open

Every year, tennis fans eagerly await the fourth and final tennis major of the Grand Slam: the US Open. After a thrilling competition at Wimbledon with some surprising upsets, enthusiasts are gearing up for an electrifying final round in the United States. This year’s event will begin on Monday, August 28th at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, located in Queens, New York City.


The US Open, originally called the U.S. National Championship, has been contested since 1881. While the main attraction is typically the men’s and women’s singles, there are also men’s and women’s doubles matches and mixed doubles. Additional tournaments exist for senior and junior players, as well as wheelchair players. The US Open has several unique aspects that make it different from other Grand Slam tournaments. For example, it is the only Grand Slam event that makes use of a tiebreaker for each individual set in the match. Like the Australian Open, the courts are a hard court surface; however, the material produces less friction and has a lower bounce than other courts.


This year, there’s even more at stake for players — the prize pot will exceed $50 million. This record-breaking sum represents a nine percent increase from the previous year, and fulfills a promise that the USTA made to players five years ago. No other tennis tournament in history has boasted such an impressive payout.


Score the Game Point with EmpireCLS


EmpireCLS is pleased to provide car service to the NYC area for fans who are looking for the ultimate US Open experience. When you choose us for your transportation to the event, not only will you arrive in style, but you can avoid the headache of hectic New York traffic and parking. If you’re in love with this high intensity sport, then booking your transportation with EmpireCLS will add another layer to your experience.


Whether you’re attending the event alone, with your family, or with an extended group of friends, we have the vehicle you need to get to the US Open safely and comfortably.


To learn more about our carservice and other luxury transportation services to exclusive events like the US Open, contact us today.

Boldly Going Where No Luxury Transportation Provider Has Gone Before

Once relegated to the sidelines, the world of comics, science fiction, and fantasy has now become a mainstream force in popular media, with movies based on superhero comics frequently becoming international blockbusters. Now in its 47th year, Comic-Con International: San Diego is the largest event dedicated to the celebration of the art of comics and related media, with over 130,000 passionate fans expected to be in attendance. This year’s event will take place from July 20-23, with a special preview taking place on July 19. EmpireCLS is excited to be taking part in this highly anticipated event by providing transportation for VIPs and other guests who are looking for luxury chauffeur services to arrive in style.

Dozens of contemporary artists and authors of comics, graphic novels, and books for audiences both young and old will be present for informational panels and autograph sessions, including legendary Marvel Comics writer, editor, and publisher, Stan Lee. In addition to the other festivities, guests are invited to attend the presentation of the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, the highest honor awarded to talented creators of comics and graphic novels.


EmpireCLS Comes to Your Rescue for Transportation

When you choose EmpireCLS for your travel accommodations to Comic-Con, you’ll feel like a real-life Bruce Wayne. While perhaps not quite the Batmobile, our late-model luxury vehicles are meticulously maintained and boast impressive features such as secure onboard WiFi and cell phone chargers. Our chauffeurs are trained to uphold the highest standards in both hospitality and driving, and they use the latest technology to plan ahead for their trips. They receive real-time itinerary updates and react immediately to any changes, ensuring that you arrive at your destination on time. We also notify you through text and email of your driver’s arrival, as well as their essential contact information. Additionally, we have Onboard DriveCam and Silent Passenger in our vehicles for your safety and peace of mind.


The Heroes of Meetings and Events

We are proud to provide transportation for all of your meetings and events across the globe. From everything to business meetings, awards shows, and events like Comic-Con, we’ll be there to help you get to your destination safely while you enjoy a smooth and sumptuous ride.


To schedule transportation for your next event, or for executive carservice for your next meeting, call 888-760-2517.

EmpireCLS Taking Part in GBTA Convention

The Global Business and Travel Association (GBTA) Convention will take place this July, and EmpireCLS is proud to take part in this international event, now in its 49th year. Not only will our team be staying at the forefront of the latest information related to the travel industry and meeting with people from all across the globe, but they will also be a featured exhibitor at the convention. Click here to view our infographic for more information.

GBTA is a busy, exciting time, and one which demands a lot of your time. There are new offerings, new technology and new, fun giveaways that we must bring home. Who doesn’t want to travel home with a bag full of fidget spinners and branded lip balms following 3 days of walking a trade show floor?

Well, maybe not everyone. But, what about traveling home with a fresh new Louis Vuitton? Seriously. We’re giving one away, along with an array of other luxury prizes. Here’s what you need to do – first, send an email to our sales team (sales@empirecls.com) to schedule a visit with EmpireCLS at booth 703. This will give you one (1) entry. Upon meeting at our booth during your designated time, you will receive an additional entry to win. The grand prize winner will be announced on July 19th on the trade show floor. Exciting stuff!

We are also able to offer a special GBTA rate for your ground transportation.  Beantown is one of our major markets, and we can assure you we can handle any needs you may have, regardless of size and/or scope. Should you need airport transfers in your home area as well as during the show, please contact us to receive your special offer.

Remember – send a message to our sales team (sales@empirecls.com) for your chance to win the Louis Vuitton bag or one of our other amazing prizes! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at GBTA in July!

EmpireCLS Will Attend 49th Annual GBTA Convention this July

Keeping up the momentum in an event-filled summer, EmpireCLS will be attending the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention from July 15-19, 2017, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. This convention, now celebrating its 49th year, is the largest business travel event in the world. Each year, thousands of attendees from over 50 different countries gather together to discuss topics that are at the forefront of the travel industry.

The GBTA selects a theme for their convention every year. This year’s theme is “Convergence,” which was chosen to represent the evolution of the business travel industry and how it has been affected by the latest trends, issues and guidelines.


Educational Sessions

During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in over 70 different educational sessions on pertinent topics such as how to keep clients safe during international travel, how to improve customer service and what the latest technology trends are. One of the center stage panels will even discuss recent geopolitical disruptions and how they impact not only the travel industry, but also global policies and the economy. The panels will be led by top executives and other industry experts.


Featured Exhibitors

The GBTA Convention also presents an opportunity for companies such as EmpireCLS to display the services that they have to offer to thousands of travel decision makers. We will be one of the 400 featured exhibitors on the convention floor this summer. Anyone attending the convention is invited to stop by booth 703 to meet with us and discuss how we can provide reliable, luxury ground transportation to your next meeting or event almost anywhere in the world. This is a chance for both local and international guests to ask any questions that they may have.

At EmpireCLS, we aim to distinguish ourselves by offering our clients more than just a limo ride. Not only are our vehicles late-model and meticulously maintained, but they also boast the latest technology, such as WiFi availability for all guests. Our drivers also receive instant itinerary updates via their smartphones, allowing them to react immediately to any changes.


To learn more about our participation in this or other events, contacting our sales team by email at Sales@empirecls.com, or by phone at 201-588-2897.


Infographic – EmpireCLS Attends MPI WEC17

Our meetings and events team is always looking for opportunities to advance their knowledge and stay at the forefront of new technologies and trends. We are attending MPI’s WEC17 as part of our mission to provide the highest level of service for our clients. To learn more, you may view our infographic.

EmpireCLS is Taking Part in the MPI World Education Congress 2017

Our meetings and events team endeavors to stay on the cutting edge of the MICE industry to provide the highest level of service for our clients. As part of our commitment to that mission, our team often attends events at the national and international level to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations.

One such upcoming event is the MPI World Education Congress 2017 (MPI WEC17), which will be hosted at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. From June 19-22, service providers, suppliers, event planners and others will fill the convention center. Their common goal? To revitalize the MICE industry and promote the importance of face-to-face meetings in our increasingly digital society.


Education and Featured Speakers

MPI’s WEC17 will consist of over 70 different educational sessions covering a broad range of topics, including:

Plus, additional topics will be offered, focusing on how event planners can go beyond planning an event to designing an experience.  

A number of notable speakers will be hosting these sessions, such as former NBA star Earvin “Magic” Johnson. The diverse experiences of the numerous speakers will help attendees understand ways in which they can bring more fulfilling experiences for their clients.


Hosted Buyer Program

Companies attending MPI’s WEC17 have the opportunity to participate in the Hosted Buyer Program. This portion of the event allows event planners to meet with suppliers from a variety of industries that can help take their events to the next level.

EmpireCLS will be exhibiting in the Hosted Buyer Program, granting attendees the chance to meet our own Executive Vice President of Meeting & Event Sales, Seth Marcus. He will be available to discuss how our company’s innovative and ground-breaking technology can revolutionize the experience of your clients. We do far more than just provide Las Vegas limo services — with the needs of our clients always in mind, we provide the ultimate luxury transportation experience.

Our attendance at events like MPI’s WEC17 shows our dedication to staying not only relevant, but ahead of the curve in transportation. If you’ll be attending the event and wish to arrive comfortably, on-time, and in style, consider booking a luxury limo for your Las Vegas trip.


To learn more about us or our participation in this event, contact Seth Marcus at Seth.Marcus@empirecls.com  or by phone at 201-588-2256.

Your Trip to Los Angeles Just Got Better With LAX’s Private Suite Remote Terminal

Los Angeles International Airport isn’t just one of the world’s biggest and most heavily-trafficked — it’s also a hub of transportation for some of the world’s most high-profile celebrities and other VIPs. As a result, LAX has encountered its share of snarls over the years, namely caused by throngs of paparazzi trying to catch a glimpse of VIPs. As a solution — and to offer business and first-class passengers the luxury transportation experience that they deserve — Los Angeles International Airport has introduced the Private Suite remote terminal.

Arriving passengers enjoy transportation in a BMW 7 series car from the gate to their suite. The Private Suite remote terminal is just that — removed from the hustle and bustle of the rest of LAX, and discreet as they come, with only a plain gate and guard shack marking it. The Private Suite terminal’s exterior belies what’s within: The terminal houses 13 private luxury suites, each of which has a bathroom, a refrigerator stocked with snacks and the option to book meals. Here, VIP guests can enjoy uninterrupted peace and quiet, since staff never enter the suite without first making a phone call. Private Suite passengers are also provided with any extras they may have forgotten to pack, including replacement items like iPhone chargers, cuff links and belts.

When Private Suite passengers are ready for their flight, they’re driven directly to their gate — a setup that the Wall Street Journal fittingly called “an airport experience without ever really going through an airport.”

Such a seamless, discreet luxury transportation doesn’t stop outside the bounds of LAX, either. EmpireCLS is proudly partnered with several five-diamond hotels in LA. We offer complimentary ground transportation at each one so that guests can enjoy discretion and comfort even outside of their hotel.

If you’re not traveling through Los Angeles but still want an airport transportation experience with luxury amenities, consider EmpireCLS’s Airport Concierge service. Clients who choose Airport Concierge enjoy not only the same five-star, white-glove chauffeured service that they’re accustomed to from EmpireCLS, but also baggage transportation throughout the airport and complimentary access to VIP lounges at some of the world’s busiest terminals. Our VIP clientele who choose Airport Concierge are left free to conduct business or simply bask in some quiet while the rest is taken care of for them.

Want to learn more, or make a reservation? Call us at 888-826-3431 or visit our reservation portal.

How LaGuardia’s Redevelopment Project Affects Your Ground Transportation

LaGuardia Airport is one of the busiest commercial airports in the US, serving millions of passengers each year. Recently, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey determined that the hub’s Central Terminal Building, which was most recently renovated in the 1990s, could no longer accommodate the flow of traffic, suffering from spatial constraints for both aircraft on the runways and pedestrians within the terminal.

LaGuardia Redevelopment Program

With the intent of meeting current demands as well as accommodating for the future, the Port Authority decided to undertake an extensive redevelopment plan for LaGuardia to provide a better experience for travelers. The project includes demolishing the current Central Terminal Building and constructing a new one in its place, as well as a new aeronautical ramp and other improvements throughout the hub.

Effects on Travelers Using For-Hire Vehicle Transportation

While the project will ultimately improve operations at the airport, in the meantime, certain areas will be closed, causing headaches for travelers. One of the primary issues right now concerns Terminal B. For-hire vehicles that would normally pick up passengers at Terminal B, which serves as the gateway for those flying American, JetBlue and Southwest, are no longer allowed to wait directly at the terminal. Instead, they must wait in lot 10, and then wait for a dispatch to allow them to come to the newly designated pick-up area, which is labeled “Car Services, App-Based Rides & Black Car Pick-Up Area.”

For travelers, this means that they must take a 10-minute shuttle ride to the car pick-up area and then wait for their chauffeur service to arrive at the designated location. If you have a meeting scheduled following your arrival in New York, you may want to consider booking an earlier flight to accommodate for this additional procedure.

How EmpireCLS Is Prepared

EmpireCLS always has contingency measures in place for unexpected issues such as the changes at LaGuardia Airport. All of our drivers been apprised of the new procedures that are in place at the airport and will appropriately allot extra time as needed to ensure that they arrive early. We will also send out a communication to all of our customers to keep them informed of the situation and to advise them of this new limo service pick-up procedure, allowing them to plan the details of their trip accurately.

To learn more about how EmpireCLS is staying ahead of the game in LaGuardia airport and at hundreds of other airports worldwide, visit http://www.empirecls.com.

How to Address the Concerns of Female Travelers

Today, women are key players in the business travel industry: Not only do they make up nearly one-fourth of business travelers, but they also make approximately 80% of travel decisions. With these facts in mind, it is imperative to consider the female perspective on safety while traveling to provide exemplary service to all clients.

Why Safety is Paramount

Most travelers will feel somewhat uneasy the first time they travel to a new location, but women may have additional concerns compared to their male counterparts. From a young age, women are trained to be vigilant of their surroundings when traveling alone, clutching handbags close and carrying keys in hand to ward off potential attackers. By understanding our client’s travel anxieties, we are able to put measures in place to give them a greater feeling of security.

How We Put Our Clients at Ease

EmpireCLS is aware of the needs of both their male and female travelers, allowing them to assuage the fears of all their passengers. We offer the following advanced safety measures:

Over the years we have continued to implement state-of-the-art security measures to give all of our guests the peace of mind they deserve during their travels. Book your next limousine service with us and experience the difference that personalized service makes.

2017 Luxury Cars That Spark Our Inspiration

Luxury cars are more than just a way to travel from point A to point B; they inspire us with their heart-pounding acceleration, exquisite styling and superb handling. Luxury vehicles, including wedding limos, serve to remind us of the utter joy of mastering the road, cradled in supple leather. For some of us, owning such a vehicle remains only a dream, but these three cars are certainly adding fuel to the fire of our fantasies.

Porsche 911 Turbo S

The latest addition to Porsche’s 911 GTS line is scheduled to hit the States this April. A powerful 580 hp engine with a whopping 553 foot-pounds of torque is packed into a captivating little coupe. Though unmistakable as a Porsche thanks to its chic front-end styling, this otherwise unassuming vehicle will be sure to turn heads as it accelerates from zero to 60 in under three seconds.

Lamborghini Huracán Spyder

The Italian powerhouse doesn’t disappoint with this latest incarnation of the Huracán Spyder. The ultra-sleek styling of this sports car is as impressive within as it is without. The 610 hp, V10 engine hums with unbridled power that just begs to move fast. Even the everyday commute can become a joyride with this commanding vehicle. Like its namesake destructive force of nature, the “hurricane” is sure to blow away its competition.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

It’s nearly impossible to mistake a Rolls-Royce for any other car. The Wraith exudes luxury with its classy exterior style and plush, comfortable interior. Despite its impressive size and weight, the car is surprisingly agile with a 624 hp, V12 engine, and over 600 foot-pounds of torque. The sumptuous interior offers a quiet and refined ride.

For classic rock aficionados, Rolls-Royce is creating nine one-off examples of the Wraith. The company partnered with musicians from iconic bands like the Who, the Rolling Stones and the Kinks to create one-of-a-kind vehicles with artwork and lyrics inspired by their music. Proceeds from the vehicles will be donated to the musician’s charity of choice.

EmpireCLS understands the importance of arriving in style. Our own fleet of vehicles for corporate limo services consists of meticulously maintained luxury vehicles that allow you to reach your destination in total comfort. Book an appointment online today for your next corporate meeting.