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Finding reliable charter bus companies in the past was challenging. This is no longer difficult thanks to our team here at EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services. We’re a trusted name in the transportation industry. Our main office is based in Secaucus, New Jersey just outside New York, New York. We have another convenient office roughly 3,000 miles away in sunny El Segundo, California, too. When you need a bus charter service that’s the cream of the crop, we’re yours. Each trip with EmpireCLS means receiving the best professional hospitality service.

Our team of professionals is committed to providing you only the highest level of service, and we will make your transportation planning process quick and straightforward. To us, your arrival is more than just a destination – it’s our signature.


Corporate Charter Bus and Minibus Rental


Companies organize corporate events on a frequent basis. If you’re searching for a company that offers high-quality corporate charter bus and minibus rental service, the answer is always EmpireCLS. We help businesses with all kinds of transportation requests.

If you’re looking for a spacious minibus or standard bus that can get your employees to a massive training conference in the center of the city, we can help you out. If you’re searching for a modern bus that can get all of your team members to a company outing, we can do the same. Our corporate bus rentals can accommodate companies attending all kinds of outings and events – business meetings, conferences, roadshows, trade-shows, and more.

We’re well aware of the importance of dependability here at EmpireCLS. Our fleet of luxury vehicles consists of minibuses and buses that define first-class quality. If you want to help your staff members get to a specific destination in a comfortable, clean and airy vehicle, you can turn to us. We’ve managed all kinds of charter bus rental requirements for corporate applications. From detailed logistics to passenger manifest and updates, event walkthroughs and on-site management, you can rely on us. Let EmpireCLS take the hassle away from traveling as a group and create a luxury charter coach experience for you.


Meetings and Groups Charter Bus & Minibus Rental


EmpireCLS is a full-service company that simplifies the process of bus rental for groups and meetings. If you’re organizing a big trip, we can provide you with a charter bus that’s everything you need and more. We can supply you with a charter bus that ticks off all of your boxes. Our fleet includes minibuses that can accommodate small and medium-sized groups. It also provides charter buses that can transport bigger groups, too.

Planning any meeting or event requires a lot of time and attention to details. Our vehicles make securing transportation for groups and meetings easy as pie. If you want to rent a bus that can give your group the gift of relaxation, our team has your back.

If you want to rent a bus that can give your group the luxury of a meticulously tidy and fresh environment, our team has your back as well. Our minibuses and charter buses are more than just modern and dependable. They’re also extremely versatile. Minibus rental for groups and meetings has never been so easy before. Our expertly crafted solutions for group transportation are meant to minimize cost and maximize peace of mind.


Private Charter Bus & Minibus Rental


Do you need to rent a private minibus or charter bus for any reason? If the answer is yes, you don’t have to fret for a minute. EmpireCLS is on hand to dazzle you with minibus and charter bus rental service that’s excellent for all kinds of personal events.

Are you looking to rent a minibus that can get your tour group to the airport in time to catch an early morning flight? You can count on us. Are you looking to rent a minibus that can get all your relatives to a retreat for a highly anticipated family event? We can still serve you. Whether you need a single charter bus or an entire fleet, we offer the best charter bus NYC residents and tourists can rely on for all types of private requests.

Your safety is our number one priority, so our minibuses and charter buses are perfectly maintained, and our team of professional chauffeurs goes through rigorous background checks. If you’re looking to rent a minibus or charter bus that’s safe and modern, we certainly won’t disappoint you. Our minibuses and charter buses also offer our guests plenty of space and the VIP treatment they deserve.


Sports Teams Charter Bus & Minibus Rental


Athletes who are part of sports teams travel a lot. They have to travel to distant locations to take part in big tournaments of all kinds. They also travel to neighboring cities and towns in order to battle it out with their rivals as well. If you’re a sports team coach who is on the lookout for the greatest options in the charter bus and mini bus rental services, you can lavish EmpireCLS with all of your attention.

No matter the size of your sports team, we accommodate all bus rental requests of sports teams of all varieties. We eagerly accommodate football, baseball, soccer and hockey teams galore. If the team has a lot of equipment that requires efficient transport, we can handle it too. Our buses are large enough to cater to big and small teams. They’re large enough to accommodate antsy and energetic players who want to feel like they can stretch their arms and legs a bit, too before that big game.

A team will perform at its best when they are happy and well-rested. Reach out to us today for more details about our sports team bus rental service. Trust EmpireCLS to make your trip enjoyable for everyone in the team.


Weddings Charter Bus & Minibus Rental


Weddings are momentous occasions that deserve all of the in-depth care and planning in the world. That’s the reason it’s so important to invest in top-quality transportation service for your big day. If you want to score the greatest charter bus and minibus rental for a wedding that’s on the horizon, you can turn to EmpireCLS. We can help wedding guests travel to the big events in comfortable and tranquil environments. We make wedding transportation simple and accommodating for our valued clients.

Whether you need group transportation for a bachelor party or your guests, you don’t have to agonize over transportation for a second when we’re so accessible. Our minibuses and charter buses are the portrait of immaculate, inviting and bright. They’re incredibly soothing. Weddings can be pretty hectic and busy events. That’s why it can be nice to get the opportunity to unwind for a moment and enjoy unparalleled transportation.

If you want to revel in the company of your favorite people before or after a wedding, there’s no better backdrop than one of our buses. We offer the best wedding charter bus New Jersey residents can rely on and our services go beyond this area. Ride with top-notch amenities, and keep your wedding organized and stylish with transportation solutions from EmpireCLS. Let us make your big day special.


MICE Events Charter Bus & Minibus Rental


MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) minibus and charter bus rental service is dedicated to larger groups. If you’re looking for minibuses or charter buses that can help you with preparation for a meeting for a specific industry, you can always count on EmpireCLS. If you’re looking for minibuses or charter buses that can help you with a regional conference that’s coming up, you can count on us too. You can opt for minibuses that are contemporary, attractive and 100 percent comfortable. They can opt for charter buses that are airy, pleasant and full of luxury amenities as well.

If you need professional assistance with the planning of all kinds of MICE events, then we can come through for you at any time. Our meetings industry knowledge is top of the line. It’s constantly changing as well. We go the extra mile to give all of our customers access to MICE rental proficiency that’s extensive and significant. Contact us today to learn more about our rental options.


Conventions Charter & Minibus Rental


We know just how important planning for conventions is. That’s why we offer our customers the finest choices in conventions minibus and charter bus rental. Let EmpireCLS be your trusted provider of professional charter & minibus rental services for your next convention.

If you’re attending a convention in the middle of the city, you can trust our team to provide you with assistance that’s worth your energy. If you’re planning for a convention that’s in a location outside the city, we offer you the same excellent services. Our bus rentals can get you where you need to go safely and on time. They can provide you with transportation journeys that are comprehensive, detailed, dependable and prompt.

Get in touch with the staff here at EmpireCLS as soon as possible to learn more about our reputable minibus and charter bus rental services. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to ask any questions about our rental options.


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