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EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Service is the largest, privately-held, luxury, chauffeured transportation provider in the world, offering comprehensive ground transportation solutions. Our coach bus rental services are tailored to meet the needs of groups of any sizes. We can help you with many different events from meetings and conferences to weddings or sports events. We are defined by a fleet of luxurious, top-of-the-line vehicles. You can trust our highly skilled chauffeurs to help make every trip a success. We always put the client first, and we will go the extra mile to help you enjoy your trip. For EmpireCLS, your arrival is more than a destination. It’s our signature.


Corporate Coach Bus Rental


Our corporate bus rental services are the perfect solution for companies that want to bring their associates together. A luxurious corporate trip can be a great way to help your associates get to know each other better while focusing on improving your business needs. Our corporate coach bus rental NYC services are great for picking up your business partners from the airport. We can help your employees reach your meeting or convention, and we can also help them get to their hotel rooms. If you are planning a long-distance trip, we can help with that as well. Our services will make certain that all of your employees arrive at their destination on-time and safely.

You can have peace of mind when you hire us for your corporate coach bus services. From short trips to long trips, we offer the same world-class services that have earned us an outstanding reputation in the industry. We can help make sure that your employees have an enjoyable trip. We have onboard facilities and oversized storage facilities. Your comfort is always a priority, and our experienced chauffeurs will know how to navigate busy streets with ease.


Meetings and Groups Coach Bus Rental


Looking for reliable and safe meetings and group coach bus rental services? EmpireCLS is the premier choice for meetings and groups coach bus rental service for any size group and destination. We specialize in providing safe, comfortable, and dependable corporate transportation solutions. Our chauffeurs have all passed extensive federal and criminal background checks and ongoing drug tests. You can trust our professionals to provide first-rate services at all times. Our chauffeurs have also completed a 21-day in-house training program on chauffeur hospitality and they work hard to provide the best services possible.

Whether you are having one large meeting or several meetings at different venues, our corporate bus services will be ready to meet all your transportation needs. We will be happy to help you stay on schedule. When your team members ride with us, you can use the trip as a way to learn as well. We provide advanced A/V equipment and high definition LCD monitors. We want to help you put your best foot forward when it comes to your business. You can take your employees to a fun retreat and have your important business meetings taken care of during the ride. We are ready to work with your itinerary.


Private Coach Bus Rental


EmpireCLS is the premier choice for private coach bus rental services for private trips and events. We offer coach bus rental New Jersey residents can trust. When you want to travel with a group in style, we are ready to provide luxurious services that you will enjoy. We have a fleet of luxurious vehicles, large enough to accommodate all your travel needs. Our large buses offer leather-trimmed seats and plenty of leg room. You can store your items securely in our oversized space. We want to make certain that you and your fellow passengers have an amazing trip with us.

You can enjoy AC control at every seat and also USB ports. We offer fast wireless Internet and advanced A/V equipment. You can appreciate our high definition LCD monitors as well.

Comfort and convenience are important to us. Our chauffeurs are well-trained in defensive driving techniques and we offer shoulder seat-belts for extra security. We want all of our passengers to enjoy our quality seating options. Our buses stand out because they are both luxurious and functional. We are a top choice for private coach rentals for many different occasions. We will make certain that everyone has a comfortable ride when you choose us for your ground transportation needs.


Sports Team Coach Bus Rental


Are you a sports team looking for a reliable transportation solution? When you’re taking your team to their next game or conference, your focus should be on the game, not on the driving. You can rent a coach bus from EmpireCLS for your future events. We can help your team get from game to game, or we can transport your team to special conferences. Our buses will help everyone to relax on the trip there and back. From climate control options to fast wireless options, our buses have what it takes to keep your team happy. Regardless of the size of the team, we’ve got a solution crafted according to your needs. Our vehicles can hold up to 56 passengers comfortably. They also offer ample storage space for equipment, uniforms, shoes, and anything else that you want to bring with you.

Whether you are traveling out of town to a new location that you have never been to before or just need a bus to take your sport’s group around together, we go the extra mile to ensure your trip is enjoyable. Our first-rate chauffeurs are excellent at finding the best route to your destination, and we will make certain that you arrive on schedule. Our chauffeurs care about the safety and comfort of your team, so you can count on us to provide you with reliable services that you can trust. If you want to rent a bus for a sporting event, we are here to help. We specialize in sports team transportation and we will make sure your experience will exceed even your highest expectations.


Wedding Coach Bus Rental


Your wedding should be the most fantastic day of your life and transportation is the ley to have a wonderful time. When you want your guests to arrive at your venue in style, choose our wedding coach bus rental service. We will be glad to pick your guests up and transport them in one of our luxurious buses. We can also transport your entire wedding party to make certain that everyone arrives on time to your big day.

Our buses come equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to make trips even more enjoyable. From wireless Internet to LCD monitors, we have a lot to offer to your guests. It is our goal to provide high quality services. We can transport your guests from the airport to your venue or pick them up from hotels. Our buses offer facilities onboard to make life easier for everyone. Plus, if you want to organize a bachelor/bachelorette party to remember, we provide seamless casino bus trips.

Your safety is our number one priority. Our chauffeurs are all very skillful and experienced professionals. We take pride in offering quality transportation services that will go above and beyond our client’s expectations. We know that you want your big day to be special and unforgettable, so we are here to make sure everything goes smoothly. When you have a lot of guests coming in from out of town or just want to make everything convenient for those attending your event, we offer top-of-the-line bus rentals. Fun, romance, luxury – you can have it all if you choose our services.


MICE Events Coach Bus Rental


Whether you are looking for a bus rental service for meetings, incentives, conferences, or exhibitions, we have the perfect transportation solution for you. Our vehicles are designed to be fun and comfortable rides. You can count on us when you are traveling with a large crowd since our vehicles can hold up to 56 passengers with ease.

When you choose to travel with your team members for meetings, conferences, and other events, you can spend time making sure that everything will go smoothly. Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including visual equipment, LCD monitors, and more to help you be as prepared as possible for all of your events. You can practice speeches and go over important information when you travel with others to events.

It is always good to travel with your group instead of having to travel alone or in separate groups to events. When you travel as one large group, you can all have fun together. This also gives everyone a chance to relax instead of having to learn directions to venues. You can count on your chauffeur to handle the traffic while you and your group have time to work or unwind.


Conventions Coach Bus Rental


EmpireCLS provides unrivaled convention transportation services. With so many things on your convention planning list, let us handle the transportation for you. Our luxury bus rental services are great for all group sizes. We provide fast wireless Internet, climate control options, USB ports at every seat, and much more. Our seats are all trimmed in leather and perfect for relaxing in.

Our professional chauffeurs will be happy to get you to your convention and back safely. We can find fast routes and will be glad to stop at any restaurants or places that you want to see. We will follow your itinerary to make certain that you stay on schedule and you are on-time to all of your events.

When you choose us for your conventions bus rental services, you can be certain that your trip will go smoothly. We offer great customer service and look forward to helping you and your fellow passengers make memories along the way to your destination. You can enjoy yourself when you choose us for your ground transportation.

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