Courchevel: Connecting With Nature

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EmpireCLS is the premier name in luxury corporate limo services: We’re trusted above all others to provide a world class transportation experience to the most exclusive hotels and resorts across the globe. The hospitality industry continues to adopt cutting-edge technologies and integrate them in ways that transform the most remote locales into opulent oases, something we mirror in our own industry by integrating smart technologies like weather alerts into our services.  

Perhaps the most recent news of the technological trend is Courchevel Tourisme. Courchevel is a billionaire’s paradise, a ski resort that has already received wide acclaim as perhaps the most enjoyable mountain vacation in all of France.

Due to the massive size of the resort and its distance from civilization, state-of-the-art transportation infrastructure was built to accommodate visitors and provide them with access to the entirety of the course in the most convenient manner. The infrastructure provided for a need; however, its impact on the course’s clientele was dulled by the lack of information shared between accessible points. Simply, skiers wanted to know what the weather conditions were like at other parts of the mountain range so they could find the best experience without trekking from point to point.

Sensing that there was a solution to this issue, Courchevel Tourisme partnered with Digital Social Retail in late 2016. Digital Social Retail specializes in driving consumer engagement through smart applications. The mission for the two entities came into focus almost immediately: to build a system that could monitor the weather conditions across the area and provide updates to residents and tourists.

Strategically placing the connector technology throughout the terrain, Digital Social Retail could monitor safety and weather conditions while simultaneously alerting anyone on or around the mountain of the changes through mobile notifications.

As the world’s smartest ski city, the course has grown even more in popularity for the 2016-2017 season as visitors now know that they can fully maximize their skiing time thanks to the new system. The hospitality industry is watching Courchevel closely, and if it continues to be successful, more resorts may adopt the strategy. Our service adopted weather-intuitive technology years ago, alerting clients of inclement weather changes and altering travel plans accordingly.  

We’re looking forward to a smarter hospitality industry and continue to research new technologies that make the travel experience even more convenient. To learn more about traveling to Courchevel Tourisme with EmpireCLS or our other luxury car services, visit us online or call us at 855-989-6429.

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