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Lately, we’ve been investigating interesting vehicle and luxury trends, from the spending habits of the elite to the influx of smart-tech cars like the Tesla S. But we haven’t yet reported on trends in what we know best: our own business. Naturally, it’s part of our job to know industry trends, part of which involves taking note of what our customers want.

One trend, in particular, has caught our attention, partly because it seems paradoxical. When it comes to choosing from one of the many models in our luxury fleet, our customers tend to prefer the Mercedes-Benz, making it the most-requested luxury sedan in our fleet. There’s much to love about the Mercedes, from its sleek styling on down. This beautifully crafted, meticulously engineered vehicle offers as much style as it does safety (with a rating of five stars, just like every other vehicle in our fleet) and performance.

However, our customer’s preference for the Mercedes-Benz isn’t being reflected in market trends. In fact, sales of the BMW are overtaking those of both Mercedes-Benz and Lexus vehicles. This led us to ask why consumers prefer the BMW when they’re driving it, but not when it’s part of their chauffeured travel experience.

There’s much to love about the Mercedes-Benz, but what puzzled us about this discrepancy is that we know from experience that driving the BMW is just as luxurious an experience as driving as Mercedes. Maybe we’ve been keeping that experience to ourselves too much, and it’s time to share why we love this vehicle so much.

The BMW has long been touted as the “ultimate driving machine”—a perfectly calibrated feat of legendary German engineering, smooth performance, effortless handling and superior vehicle safety. Our chauffeurs get to experience the BMW difference nearly every day, which explains why we were initially puzzled by the fact that despite its popularity on the market, the BMW isn’t requested as much as the Mercedes by our customers. The driving experience isn’t there, at least not right in front of them. However, our guests are still experiencing the “driving machine” power of the BMW, even if indirectly. Things like the BMW’s sophisticated styling and self-leveling suspension create a passenger experience that’s just as luxurious as traveling in a Mercedes-Benz.

We’re not ones to dictate personal preference, of course. However, at the start of this new year, let us be the first to suggest that if you haven’t given the BMW a try, now is it the time to test out something new. See how you like it—you might be surprised. And let us know about your experience on our Facebook page or by dropping us a line at sales@empirecls.com.

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