Executive Protection Services from EmpireCLS

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It’s true that the EmpireCLS brand is synonymous worldwide with “luxury” and “professional chauffeured experiences.” Part of the luxury experience is trusting we’ve gone above and beyond considering all aspects of our clients’ trips, from optimal routs to defensive driving and those “what if” scenarios.

Our services extend into high-risk markets abroad, so we had to become experts in layers of security for personal and corporate travel. We succeed at protecting your identity and safety while seamlessly upholding our signature luxury experience throughout the trip.

Risk Assessment

Meticulous planning and preventative strategy are our secret weapons in effective risk management. A security team undertakes an intelligence risk assessment 36 – 48 hours in advance of travel time, ranging from route planning, including exit strategies and alternative routes, to media exposure management and full sweets of hotels and venues.

Developed relationships with state and local governments, as well as with local law enforcement and travel intelligence agencies, allow us to address potential risks across multiple levels.

The proof of our planning is fully accessible to each of our clients in the form our of TransBrief reports, a detailed report confirming driver identity and trip itinerary, as well as outlining the extent of our exhaustive risk assessment of the location in which you are traveling.

Executive Protection Specialists

Well-dressed and well-trained, our team of professional executive protection specialists blend in with your entourage and react in a calm and professional manner. It’s part of their proactive approach to protection, identifying and minimizing risks before they happen.

Each of our specialists has an extensive background in protection services for executives, dignitaries and entertainment clientele, and is thoroughly vetted by rigorous background checks as well as physical and written exams. They study and exercise Krav Maga, the preferred combat system for elite forces like the Israeli military, the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service.

Protection services vary from needs of each guest, from individual bodyguards to full teams of protection specialists.

Secure Luxury Fleet

EmpireCLS is known for the excellence of its late-model fleet, which includes only top-of-the-line luxury vehicles specially chosen for five-star safety ratings, powerful performance and features like entertainment systems, individual climate control and leather captain chairs.

For clients who need extra security measures, the ground transportation experience is no less luxurious, even with weighty features like armored plating, run-flat tires, ballistics glass and enhanced suspension.

You won’t find the combination of luxury appointments, strategic security and global presence anywhere else. A select few ground transportation companies offer high-level protection for executive clients, but it is rare that this level of security is accompanied by EmpireCLS’s range of other services, which include complimentary in-vehicle Wi-Fi, airport concierge service and white-glove treatment from the industry’s finest chauffeurs.

Photo Credit: American Advisors Group via flickr

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