Five-Star Service At the Airport

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EmpireCLS constantly seeks to improve our guests’ travel experience. For that reason, we complement our level of personalized service by working with aviation companies and five-star hotels to provide exclusive services for our guests.

We are excited to announce the immediate launch of EmpireCLS Airport Concierge Service, offering our guests the next level in travel hospitality. Our exclusive VIP concierge program services all major airports worldwide, which means expedited, white-glove airport assistance to or from your gate.

Here are some highlights of the exclusive features offered by EmpireCLS:

Awaiting your Arrival

Whether you’re checking in curbside or fresh off the plane, your dedicated airport specialist is standing by to meet you the moment you arrive at the airport. They stay by your side to assist you to wherever your final destination may be. Now you don’t have to stay in the airport hotel to expect five-star concierge service: it’s right there for you in the airport, from check-in to boarding.

Need an escort for your connecting domestic flights? We’ve got you covered. Simply let your EmpireCLS reservation specialist know the particulars of your itinerary, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Kick Back on Your Way to Take-Off

Once upon a time, airline travel was a leisurely affair. In today’s world, however, airline travel has become a stressful chore. Whether you fly first-class or coach, increasing security measures and crowded airports frequently take all the fun out of flying.

Return to the days when airline travel was a luxury experience with airport concierge service from EmpireCLS. Enjoy complimentary carry-on luggage assistance, expedited flight check-in and priority boarding for all departing flights. Our professional airport specialists are there to make your trip stress-free.


There are two types of lines at any airport security checkpoint. The first line snakes back and forth all the way to the entrance and is full of fussy kids, frustrated parents and impatient flyers. The second is the one we all want to be in: it’s the short, efficient line for VIP travelers.

EmpireCLS knows that the only line you should be in is the quickest one. Take advantage of expedited access through all security checkpoints. With our airport concierge service, you’ll be through security in no time, leaving you free to relax before your flight.

Go Clubbin’

Speaking of relaxing: there’s no better place for it than the airport lounge. With EmpireCLS’s airport concierge service, you don’t need an annual membership to enjoy exclusive access to all major airline VIP lounges in more than 100 countries and over 300 cities.

In the lounge, you are free to relax in peace and quiet and enjoy complimentary food and drink. Some lounges even offer showers and beds so that you can feel refreshed for your flight. Whether you need a quiet place to call the office or want to get a head-start on your vacation, EmpireCLS provides full lounge access.

Custom-ized Experience

Long flight ahead? International flights are long enough, even without the trip through Customs. Besides, we’ve never met anyone who enjoys the Customs process, much less waiting in line for it. Our airport concierge service includes expedited access through airport Customs, which allows you get to your Point B quicker.

Less Customs time means more you time, whether your final destination is an important meeting with a client in Manhattan or a rendezvous with friends in a Parisian bistro.

Learn more about our airport concierge services here or speak to an EmpireCLS reservation specialist. Ask how we can extend your chauffeured experience beyond the car.

Photo credit: Nick Harris via flickr

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