Five Stunning Wedding Venues Across the States

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Out of everything that goes into wedding planning, from the bridal party’s eveningwear to the flower arrangements, the most important part, in our opinion, is choosing a beautiful, unique venue that reflects your personal taste and your biggest dreams for your life as a couple.

If you’re planning your wedding for next year, here’s five of our favorites. Even if there aren’t any nuptials in the foreseeable future, it’s never too early to start dreaming!


  1. Peninsula Hotel, NYCThe Peninsula Hotel—one of our five-star partners in New York City—brings together the best of sleek, cosmopolitan sophistication and Old New York romance. The minimalistic terrace at the hotel’s Salon de Ning rooftop lounge offers a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline, perfect for everything from the cocktail reception to the ceremony.For a more traditional wedding setting, book the Gramercy Room, a versatile space decorated in the Beaux Arts style (think Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence).

    2. New York City Public Library, NYC

    A civic building might not be your first idea for a luxury wedding venue, but don’t overlook this stately building in the heart of Manhattan. The Library’s neoclassical architecture and elegant marble interiors have made it as popular a setting for films as it is for the weddings of the Manhattan elite. Set up your wedding photos on the staircase steps, or meet your party in the beautiful landscape of nearby Central Park.

    3. Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus

    Columbus, Ohio is another location that you might not immediately associate with luxurious weddings. But think again: this stunning conservatory has four unique venues to choose from, all bursting with so much foliage that couples can practically skip the flower arrangement altogether.

    By far, the most opulent option in the conservatory is the John F. Wolfe Palm House, so named for its plethora of tropical plants that create a striking, exotic ambiance. The sunlight that streams through the House’s glass ceiling and its elegant Venetian fountain make for an especially touching ceremony and beautiful photos.

    4. Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

    Sometimes, all you need for luxury is a pristine landscape, which is exactly what Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado has in spades, from the wide-open blue sky to towering pines and miles of rugged, mountainous terrain. This rustic ghost town is nestled in the heart of a verdant valley, dotted with wooden cabins and natural hot springs.

    5. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami

    This Italian-inspired villa, a historical gem from Miami’s early 20th century business boom, is one of the most romantic in the United States. Guests can get pleasantly lost (but not too lost) in the labyrinthine of gardens, and there’s not a single spot in this waterfront venue that won’t be part of perfect wedding memories. And if you’re planning your honeymoon nearby, Miami’s nightlife and beaches are just a short drive away.

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