Four Breathtaking Destinations for Your Next Getaway

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Our expanding global transportation network testifies to EmpireCLS’s willingness to take you anywhere that you want to go. For over three decades, we have chauffeured our guests through dozens of luxurious locales. Today, we want to share four cities that have been on our minds in recent weeks.

If you’re planning a vacation to any of these or other cities serviced by EmpireCLS, log in to make a reservation with us, or click here to book as a guest, and let us guide you through some of the most remarkable destinations in the world.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Home of the Formula One Gran Prix, Monte Carlo is rightly associated with glamorous, high-octane automotive travel. During your stay in this cosmopolitan Monaco haven, EmpireCLS can get you anywhere you want to go, in keeping with your fast-paced itinerary (though we  recommend you take some parts of Monte Carlo at a leisurely pace). Your nights may be a whirlwind of dining and gambling at the Place du Casino, but the panorama of Mediterranean coastal cliffs and water asks for a lingering gaze.

Santiago, Chile

The country of Chile perfectly embodies South America’s landscapes. It boasts the busy, cosmopolitan city of Santiago, but is surrounded by miles of sprawling, breathtaking wilderness. With EmpireCLS standing by, you can experience both during your Santiago getaway.

Start your day in the city by relaxing in one of its many cafes, then wander through the streets until you happen upon an open-air market like the Mercado Central. When you’ve had your fill, fly from SCL airport to explore the Patagonia region’s lakes, mountains and volcanoes. Or, take a two-hour drive south to the Millahue Valley, the land and climate of which are perfect for vineyards like Viña Vik and Viña Aquitania.

No matter where you are in Chile, urban or rural, the majestic Andes will always be in view.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This warm, convivial city and the surrounding region of Holland seems built solely to please the eye. Famous for its tulips, windmills, canals and rustic cafés, Amsterdam is a visual feast for any traveler. Biking may be in fashion here, but let EmpireCLS chauffeur you for a heightened luxury experience.

If you’re an art lover, you’d be remiss to not visit either of Amsterdam’s most famous museums: the Von Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, which house essential works by Dutch painters. For natural splendor, Amsterdam is famously rich in tulips, which you can find ready for sale at the Bloemenmarket or at the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, South Holland. Natural beauty also abounds at Amsterdam’s most well-known parks, Amsterdamse Bos and Vondelpark.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas—more familiar to English speakers as simply “Cabo”—is so notorious for its wild nightlife that its natural beauty is sometimes overlooked. By all means, indulge in all-night revelry at Cabo bars and clubs like El Squid Roe, but don’t forget to take in the gem-like waters off the coast and the arched coastal rocks of Land’s End to the south. Here, you can also enjoy every aquatic activity imaginable, from snorkeling to banana boating. Before you kick the night into high gear, let EmpireCLS chauffeur you to a quiet dinner at Sancho Panza, Cabo’s best wine bar and jazz club.

Where can we take you next? Call our global reservation center at 800-451-5466 for more information about the cities where EmpireCLS can transport you.

Photo credit: Daniel Diaz Vera via flickr

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