Know Your Rights with the Ride Responsibly Campaign

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The rise of transportation network companies, as opposed to traditional chauffeured transportation companies, has led to an increase in reports of TNCs and their drivers mistreating passengers. These incidents lead some passengers to question exactly what they should expect from a transportation company.

The National Limousine Association has its answer in the form of its newly-launched Ride Responsibly campaign, an educational initiative that sets an industry-wide standard for how companies treat their guests while informing passengers about what they should expect from chauffeured transportation.

EmpireCLS proudly allies itself with the NLA in its Ride Responsibly initiative. As a luxury, chauffeured transportation company dedicated to providing secure, comfortable experiences for each of our guests, we lead the way in passenger safety and driver responsibility.

Both the Ride Responsibly passenger Bill of Rights and driver Duty of Care released by the NLA intend to ensure a safer ride for each passenger, during every trip. These rights apply to all passengers in any ground transportation vehicle, including sedans, SUVs, vans, mini-coaches and buses.

According to the NLA, passengers should expect that:

  • The vehicle they ride in undergoes regular safety inspections
  • The vehicle should also have air conditioning and heat on demand as well as fully functioning seatbelts
  • Drivers must be trained and screened, with background checks and drug testing performed before hire
  • Drivers must also have commercial vehicle insurance, be safe and courteous and obey all traffic laws
  • Drivers must have proof of license and certification

Drivers’ responsibilities are more explicitly detailed in the driver Duty of Care. These guidelines work in tandem with the passenger Bill of Rights to ensure that transportation providers know their responsibilities. According to the Duty of Care:

  • All drivers must sign an affidavit stating that they will undergo a criminal background, pre-hire drug testing and random testing
  • All drivers must agree to a driver training program, a certified medical examination and supervision, retraining and discipline when needed
  • Each fleet vehicle must have commercial insurance with liability coverage and proper licensing permits, and must undergo routine motor vehicle inspections

EmpireCLS meets and exceeds each standard put forth by both the passenger Bill of Rights and the driver Duty of Care. We have one of the most rigorous fleet maintenance standards in the country. Each late-model vehicle undergoes regular inspection at one of our in-house, ASE-certified maintenance centers. Although this consistent maintenance keeps our fleet in top condition, we still retire each vehicle after 24 months for maximum safety and luxury.

Before hiring, our drivers undergo an extensive background check and zero-tolerance drug testing. Only a select group of individuals are then trained at “EmpireCLS University,” a specialized, in-house training course covering passenger expectations for five-star customer service and educating drivers in Smith System defensive driving techniques. In short, EmpireCLS chauffeurs are dedicated to your safety and comfort.

For further safety and convenience, reservation specialists are available to process concerns and complaints to ensure our service exceeds expectations each time. Our Dispatchers track each vehicle and trip with the Silent Passenger GPS system.

Discover how EmpireCLS fulfills our responsibilities as a luxury, chauffeured transportation provider at the EmpireCLS website.

Photo credit: Abdullah AlBargan via flickr

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