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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or “The City of Brotherly Love” is a city that’s overflowing with East Coast charm. People are drawn to its cultural background, stunning architectural elements and marvelous restaurants. Many people visit Philadelphia for work reasons. Many people visit it to revel in its attractions, too. If you’re on the lookout for blue-ribbon limousine service anywhere in the thrilling city, EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services can assist you.

As home to the nation’s first capital, the iconic Liberty Bell, and the even more iconic cheesesteaks, Philadelphia is, without question, a city for which EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services has mad brotherly love. Wherever your trip to Philadelphia takes you, from the airport to the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, luxury car service from EmpireCLS is the only way to get around. We’re a dependable company that helps customers with all aspects of the transportation process.

In fact, providing luxury, chauffeured limo and sedan service is what we do best. We use the best manufacturers of luxury vehicles in our late-model fleet, with features like run-flat tires, self-leveling suspension and powerful engines that make for a smooth and comfortable ride, even over those notoriously difficult cobblestones in Old City.


Our high-grade limousine service is useful for a dazzling assortment of occasions, events, and destinations. If you need a top-tier limousine for a prom or a wedding celebration, we can respond to your request smoothly and quickly. If you need a limousine for a holiday bash, a birthday party, a retirement gathering or anything else along those lines, we can aid you, too. We help our travelers make it to occasions and events that are scattered all throughout the sizable Philadelphia area. If you need to get to a downtown Philadelphia meeting for your public relations career, we can assist you. If you need to get to a wedding that’s situated on the tranquil outskirts of the metropolis, we can aid you, too.

There are so many worthwhile attractions located in and around Philadelphia. Philly has a little something for everyone. If you need an elegant and serene ride to destinations such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Liberty Bell, Independence National Historic Park, the Philadelphia Zoo, Art Museum Steps or anything else, just say the word. We regularly work with excited tourists who simply want to check out all of the city’s most iconic and unforgettable sights.


Are you planning a sophisticated night on the town in Philadelphia? If you are, we can provide you with five-star limousine service that can make you feel like a movie star. We offer transportation service that can help you travel to all of the most respected dining establishments in the metropolis. Philadelphia is a sanctuary for culinary offerings that are a cut above the rest. Some of the city’s most widely known eateries are Vernick Food & Drink, Vetri Cucina, Barclay Prime, Hungry Pigeon and Laurel. Philadelphia can accommodate people who have cravings for Israeli, French, All-American and Asian dishes. It can accommodate people with all kinds of cravings in general.

Our limousine service is useful for more than just dining out in the metropolis. It’s also useful for people who want to relish the nightlife scene. There are many cool and modern lounges, bars and nightclubs located in Philadelphia. We can help you travel to all of them, zero exceptions.


Are you interested in Philadelphia’s most attentive limousine service? We can show you our esteemed professional chauffeurs. Our rides are safe, efficient, organized, punctual and pleasant. Call us to complete your reservation as soon as possible.