Luxury Vehicles from Hyundai? It’s About to Become a Reality

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In what seems like an endless progression of intriguing disruptions in the luxury market, global vehicle brand Hyundai announced in the beginning of November that, after years of consideration, it would officially launch a luxury subbrand separate from the mainstream Hyundai line.

Dubbed Genesis, the brand will target young, upscale and progressive buyers with luxury designs and, perhaps more importantly, luxury service.

A luxury subbrand has been in the works for Hyundai for some time. Meanwhile, the mainstream brand continued to perfect its models and ascend up the luxury scale. As a result, Hyundai’s brand strategy for Genesis is a bit different than that of other mass-market manufacturers who have branched out into luxury models.

It has become de rigeur for luxury subbrands to be marked by technological wizardry, with features like built-in GPS navigation, infotainment systems and other “smart” features that enhance the driving experience with constant technological connectivity. It’s not that we don’t enjoy the luxury tech integration of say, a Tesla S, but even the best of these luxury vehicles run into problems like system hacking or a neglect of exterior design appeal.

What’s more, we’re of the opinion that luxury design means nothing without luxury service. Our own fleet includes some of the finest vehicles on the market, backed by consistent maintenance and detailing, but our calling card has always been a patently comfortable, safe and elegant driving experience combined with impeccable, five-star levels of customer service.

Hyundai, clearly, is of a similar view. As a means of distinguishing Genesis from other luxury subbrands, Hyundai has transferred the focus from technological advancement to the more old-fashioned values of attention, support and service.
Genesis buyers will be treated to a heightened level of customer service from their first showroom visit onward. Dealerships licensed to sell the Genesis line will be under agreement to offer heightened levels of support for buyers. Owners of Genesis models will also enjoy perks like the “Your Time, Your Place” concierge service, a valet service that picks up and drops off vehicles from and to owner’s homes for service.

Hyundai plans to launch the line’s sedan and full-size car—named the G80 and G90—for the model year 2017. This gives us plenty of time to think about whether we’d like to add something similar to our fleet. But first we’d like to ask your thoughts. Do you think Hyundai can succeed as a luxury brand? Is it something you’d like to see in the EmpireCLS fleet? Let us know at sales@empirecls.com.

Photo Credit: loubeat via flickr

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