Dear Valued Clients,


At EmpireCLS, the safety and health of our clients and employees is always our first priority.


The COVID-19 pandemic has now escalated to a national emergency and global health crisis. During this time of panic and uncertainty, we want to take a moment to address all the precautions we are taking as a company to protect both our employees and our customers.


When news first hit about the virus, we provided all of our Chauffeurs with sanitizing wipes to disinfect our vehicles before and after each trip. Our chauffeurs’ health is being closely monitored, and anyone not feeling well is instructed to stay home.


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As we continue to navigate through this difficult time together, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay connected with us and learn more about any ongoing changes and updates regarding COVID-19 and our services. Our team has created a dedicated COVID-19 page for your convenience.


In addition to these changes, we have provided the majority of our employees with the ability to work remotely to minimize the spreading of any germs. For employees that are in the office, we have provided disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer stations, cleaning products, and encourage all employees to wipe down their work stations at the beginning and end of their shifts. We are confident that these practices, in addition to Microshield disinfecting our offices, will mitigate contamination.


Every employee, including our Chauffeurs, are a part of the EmpireCLS family. Should any of our team require medical attention or quarantine due to COVID-19, rest assured we will stand behind them.


Continue to keep us in mind if you are traveling as there are obvious health benefits riding in a private, sanitized vehicle … versus rideshare, taxi or public transportation: we control the cleanliness of the vehicle, as well as enforce the health standards and practices of our chauffeurs. Getting you where you need to go safely is our #1 priority.


Thank you for your continued loyalty and positive support! We hope you and your family continue to stay safe during this difficult time. Please refer to the EmpireCLS COVID-19 Page, for the latest communication updates. If you have questions our team is always available 24/7. I am committed to sharing any new developments as they occur.


Safe Travels,

David Seelinger

Chairman & CEO