Safety and Service Worldwide: Now in a Groundbreaking Mobile App

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As the TNC industry continues to grow, disparities between their conceptions of duty of care and adherence to the letter of the law continue to grow. While we’re the last to advocate protests like what happened in Paris earlier this year, or tactics like flaming tire barricades for that matter, we remain concerned about the long-reaching effects of TNCs and recognize the need to take action.

The truth is TNCs provide quick rides when you need them but fail to live up to exacting service and safety standards that chauffeured travel providers have been perfecting for decades.

However, we also recognize that the chauffeured transportation industry—while a steadily growing one valued at $3 billion—has been lagging behind TNCs in terms of technology. These companies have become tremendously profitable because they tapped into the mobile connectivity of our smartphone-dependent world. In order to keep up, providers of chauffeur services need to offer something just as convenient.

That something, thankfully, is here. EmpireCLS is proud to a join a number of select chauffeured transportation companies in creating Deem Car Service, a cloud network and mobile app that combines the real-time ride sharing capabilities of TNC apps with the advanced reservations and duty of care native to the livery industry. The creation of the app, which is the brainchild of Deem and the National Limousine Association, was announced at the 2015 Global Business Transportation Association Convention in Orlando.

The combined power of Deem, a commerce-as-a-service company that combines cloud tech and mobile commerce to find businesses the best price on services, and the National Limousine Association, whose members include the best ground transportation operators in the world, may be what the livery industry needs to push itself ahead of TNCs. With the app, travel buyers will be able to see our prices and policies, make advanced reservations and, as with TNC apps, hail rides in real time when they need them. If we’re booked up, the app will find other transportation providers who are available.

Only National Limousine Association members are qualified to offer their services through the app. Unlike TNC apps, which are a gamble at best every time you use them, the Deem Car Service app guarantees that each travel provider is committed to safety, security and five-star customer service.  In addition, Deem’s price comparing technology and ability to be paired with Deem Travel, Deem Expense, or the complete Deem Suite, will save you and your business on travel expenses.

As we continue to adapt our ever-shifting technological landscape, we want to hear how it affects you in real time. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming Deem Car Service—share them on social media or e-mail sales@empirecls.com. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting technology coming soon.

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