Sun or Snow? Take Your Pick – We’ve Got Both Covered

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Perhaps it’s a little simplistic to say there are only two types of people in this world. As a car service that spans a global client base from NYC to Madrid, we’ve learned from chauffeuring countless clientele that “two types” is hardly sufficient to cover the wide, brilliant spectrum of human experience.

However, we’ll go out on a limb and say that when it comes to winter travel, there really are two types of people in the world. In one camp are the die-hard sun-worshippers – those who abhor the cold and do everything in their power to find a warmer clime come winter. Their suitcases are stocked with swimwear, Bain de Soleil and, somehow, always a little bit of sand from their last vacation.

On the other hand, we have vacationers who all but chase the dropping temperatures. Found in Aspen as well as the Alps, these fervent skiers, snowboarders and sightseers invest in luxe snowsuits, protective goggles and the perfect bottle of Scotch for sipping by the fireside.

Chances are, you know exactly where you stand in the sun-vs.-snow debate. Below are two vacation picks to try now, tailored to whether you’re a warm or cold weather type. Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to try them both.

Finding Equilibrium at the Beach

There’s no shortage of beautiful of beautiful beaches in the world, and more luxury beach resorts than one can visit in a lifetime. Despite the benefits of tranquility, beach vacations in general run the risk of becoming a little too languorous.

That’s why our favorite resort for you sun-worshipers is KiChic, Peru, the motto of which is “the perfect balance.” This island paradise off the coast of Mancora is the perfect combination of invigorating and soothing. There’s no shortage of opportunities to stay active: Yoga, horseback riding, surfing, snorkeling and zip-lining are among the high-energy, healing activities available. On the other end of the spectrum, gentle yoga and blissful hot stone massages give you all the relaxation you’d expect from a beach vacation.

A Ski Resort With Decades of Charm

Are Euro trips passé? No way. Hoteldorf Grüner Baum, Austria, rises above all possible cliché thanks to flying under the radar for decades. In the same family for generations, the 85-room resort is surrounded by towering mountain peaks and nestled comfortably into a valley that’s as lush in summer as it is snow-clad in winter. If you love winter sports, this classic, charming resort offers some of the best slopes in the region, along with creature comforts like thermal springs and cozy cottages. Curling up by the fire with a drink after a day on the slopes, listening to the mountain wind roar outside – that’s something that never goes out of style.

Keep checking back for more luxury travel tips and news from EmpireCLS. Whether you’re traveling to a far-flung locale or keeping it stateside with an NYC Christmas vacation, we’ll get you there in style with five-star limo service.

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