Top 5 Destinations for Ex-Pats: Election Edition

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The 2016 presidential election is the most contentious in recent memory. No matter who wins, about half the country will be deeply upset that their candidate wasn’t voted into office. In fact, both celebrities and ordinary folks from either side of the political spectrum have decided to leave the country altogether if their candidate doesn’t win.

While we’re not making an endorsement either way, we also won’t insists that you remain if you find your living situation intolerable. And with limo service in over 700 cities worldwide, from NYC to Moscow, EmpireCLS will be there for you, wherever you decide to escape to.

To help get your started on your exit plan, we’ve compiled a list of the five most popular destinations for American ex-pats. Get your passport ready!

1. Singapore: If you’re willing to work hard, this business-friendly country offers great economic opportunities to ex-pats. Singapore also boasts top-notch childcare and education. If you’re looking to move the whole family out of the USA (or any other country, for that matter), this high-paying country is a worthwhile destination.

2. China: China’s booming economy has made it a business hub to watch in the next decade. Ex-pats in China enjoy more employment opportunities with less competition, plus a tight-knit ex-pat community and locals who welcome foreigners. China’s government is strict, but an abundance of travel opportunities eases the grip a little.

3. Qatar: If taxes are a reason you’re getting out, look no further than Qatar and its tax-free salaries–which are already generous. The cost of living is also lower than in other UAE countries. If you’re not sold yet, cars, housing allowances, education and airfares are often included in employee packages.

4. Thailand: Google “Thailand beaches” and just see if you wouldn’t want to live there. Ex-pats living in this island nation are spoiled for scenery, not to mention balmy weather, delicious food, easy travel and a vibrant local culture. The high disposable income available to ex-pats doesn’t hurt, either.

5. New Zealand: Ex-pats trying to score the biggest salaries possible may want to give New Zealand a pass, but where it falls short in disposable income, it makes up with a low crime rate, mountainous landscapes, friendly locals and a cushy quality of life, particularly if you have kids. If you’re seeking a laid-back lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for sports and other outdoor activities, New Zealand should be on your relocation list.

Staying put for now? That’s no excuse not to travel! Get in touch with our car service for all your travel needs, whether you’re headed to NYC or far-flung destinations.

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