Trending: How Will You Travel in 2017?

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Each year brings about change. New fads, career paths, events, relationships, interests and technology change the way we live and react to the world around us. Trends in travel also dramatically change from year to year. To ring in 2017, we’ll take a look at a recent Booking.com report on the top eight projected travel trends for the coming year. Their survey yielded several predictions on technology, business, discovery, eco-friendly practices, holistic desires, the human touch – and even space travel.

  1. There’s no question that technology enables travelers to expect instant gratification in every facet of life. Booking.com’s report reaffirms that in 2017, travelers will use their smartphones and tablets to plan trips, seek advice and keep themselves entertained in more granular ways than ever before. A greater number of brands will cater to these tendencies, as well.
  1. Do you enjoy traveling for business? Of the 40% of travelers who took a business trip in 2016, 46% desire to travel more for work in the coming year. More travelers are taking advantage of opportunities to combine business and leisure, letting them further explore and enjoy their destination.
  1. Speaking of exploration, travelers desire to see more of the world each year. According to Booking.com, 45% of travelers plan to be more adventurous in relation to where they visit, and 56% are considering independent travel as a thrill-seeking way to immerse themselves in a different culture. Even if you’re traveling solo, remember that you’re always in good company with EmpireCLS: Our luxury limo service is dedicated to helping you go where you want to in style, no matter if you are visiting New York City or Dubai.
  1. The days of people leaving time off on the table are fading away. This report states that 51% of workers intend to take more of their annual leave in 2017. Travelers who responded to Booking.com’s survey also indicated that they would like to focusing on rejuvenating their mind, body and soul.
  1. As travelers expand their horizons, they’re also expanding their awareness of their responsibilities towards the places they visit. According to Booking.com, over a third of travelers have committed to making more eco-friendly travel decisions in 2017.
  1. More than half of travelers plan to invest more money in experiences over material possessions, says Booking.com. This stat is in keeping with an overall trend we’ve been seeing in travel over the past few years, in which travelers prioritize simple pleasures over big, flashy thrills.
  1. Another interesting takeaway: According to the Booking.com report, 42% of travelers stated that they would not stay somewhere or hire a service without a friendly and helpful staff – no matter how advanced other amenities were. As much as technology assists us, the human touch remains irreplaceable.
  1. 2017 won’t be the year travelers make commercial flights to the moon – but plenty of travelers see it as being one year closer. 44% of respondents to Booking.com’s survey stated their belief that leisure trips to outer space and ocean depths will definitely be a reality in the future.

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