How to Address the Concerns of Female Travelers

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Today, women are key players in the business travel industry: Not only do they make up nearly one-fourth of business travelers, but they also make approximately 80% of travel decisions. With these facts in mind, it is imperative to consider the female perspective on safety while traveling to provide exemplary service to all clients.

Why Safety is Paramount

Most travelers will feel somewhat uneasy the first time they travel to a new location, but women may have additional concerns compared to their male counterparts. From a young age, women are trained to be vigilant of their surroundings when traveling alone, clutching handbags close and carrying keys in hand to ward off potential attackers. By understanding our client’s travel anxieties, we are able to put measures in place to give them a greater feeling of security.

How We Put Our Clients at Ease

EmpireCLS is aware of the needs of both their male and female travelers, allowing them to assuage the fears of all their passengers. We offer the following advanced safety measures:

  • Trustworthy chauffeurs. Travelers can rest assured that their driver is a responsible individual who has undergone numerous background checks at the state and federal level. Not only do our chauffeurs receive safe and defensive driving training, but they also receive hospitality training that is on par with five-star hotels. Each driver also participates in an ongoing program to improve their skills.
  • Confirmed information prior to the trip. We send text and email notifications to our guests to notify them that their chauffeur has arrived at the location. It also provides contact information for the driver, allowing the client to verify their identity. This added measure of security is particularly comforting to female clients who might feel vulnerable if they are being picked up at their home and no one else is present.
  • Onboard WiFi. Vehicles at all of our corporate-owned locations offer a secure WiFi hotspot as a standard feature. Not only is this a convenience, allowing guests to do work or check their email, but some passengers feel more confident knowing that their phone or computer can be used to track their location in the unlikely scenario that something goes amiss.
  • Onboard DriveCam and Silent Passenger technologies. The DriveCam feature allows each ride to be monitored for any interactions that are out of the ordinary, while Silent Passenger allows EmpireCLS to pinpoint exactly where each vehicle in our fleet is currently located.
  • SecureCar division of EmpireCLS. When attending high-profile events or traveling in areas that present a higher risk to our esteemed clients, EmpireCLS’s SecureCar division offers additional security measures such as detailed risk assessment, extensive route planning and exit strategies, and the availability of armored vehicles.

Over the years we have continued to implement state-of-the-art security measures to give all of our guests the peace of mind they deserve during their travels. Book your next limousine service with us and experience the difference that personalized service makes.

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